Surabhi Vana

Surabhi Vana is a gau-shala (cow shelter) housing the native Indian breed of cows. This charitable institution is registered under the name of Om Prakruthi Dhama and is run and maintained purely with the donations of its well wishers. The sole objective of Surabhivana is to protect the native Indian breed of cows and spread the awareness of the same. We also nurture cows that are injured, stray cows, and the cows/cattle which are rescued from being taken to butcher houses. This 20 acre land allotted by the District collector of Mangalore is situated on top of a hillock approximately 25 kilometres from the Mangalore City.

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Sadguru Shri Dev Baba, realising the importance of the Native Indian breed of cows and its role in ones spiritual development, conceived the idea of starting a fully fledged Gaushala. On 22 December 2007 with mammoth efforts he established Surabhivana, on a 20 acre land allotted by the Karnataka Government. Shri Raghaveshvara Bharati Swami of Hossanagar inaugurated this gaushala and donated half a dozen cows to kick start this movement. 

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Native Indian Cows

Cow is the only species in the world whose every product and by-product is wholesomely consumed by the human race inherently for its betterment.

In the course of their evolution through the ages, the Indian native cows have developed some special characteristics and are hence acclaimed the world over for their unique and wonderful properties. With a capacity to absorb energy from the sun’s rays through the “solar pulse” located on the humps on their backs, these native cows yield superior quality milk with the potential to enhance man’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 

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