Gau Arka

It consists of 24 types of salt which is used to make medicines to cure many diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart related problems, eczema, skin diseases etc. It acts as a therapeutic agent building the immune system and enhancing mental and physical strength. It balances the three doshas of vaata, pitta and kapha. Surabhivana produces the best quality of Go-Arka.

Gau mutra is vacuum-distilled into a food grade quality, refined product, without losing its efficiency and without degrading the heat sensitive nutrients.

500 ML bottle – Rs 60

Cowdung Homa Biscuits

Surabhivana has started producing cow dung biscuits specifically to be used for Agnihotra. This product has been developed with the sole objective of making it convenient and easy for everyone to perform Agnihotra. The thickness and shape of these biscuits are such that they get burnt easily. These biscuits are dried on a cement platform measuring 2000 sq feet, constructed specially for the production. Special care is taken to ensure that the cow dung is dried in not more than two days thus preventing the biscuits from getting infected by any kind of insects or worms. The biscuits are then packed in boxes that can be conveniently stored and handled in any household. Such quality biscuits enable the performance of agnihotra of the highest quality.

400 Biscuit Box – Rs 200