Cow sheds

Self sufficient cowsheds are constructed at different levels according to the contours of the land, to shelter the cows from sun and rains


The terrain here is extremely rocky comprising of hard laterite soil making it impossible to cultivate grass fodder and grazing grass for the cows. Thousands of truck loads of mud have been laid onto the vast areas of this land to make it condusive for cultivation.

Artificial Pond

An artificial pond admeasuring 50 cubic feet is being constructed. Lakhs of money is being spent on this project as heavy construction machinery like breakers and earth movers has to be used to dig into the dense rocky land.

This artificial pond will serve the dual purpose of a water storage tank to meet the increasing water demands and a rain water harvesting medium, which in turn would increase the water table for the surrounding villages.

Tree Plantation

The entire 20 acre land, being hard and unsuitable for vegetation, has very few fully grown trees and hence summers are swelteringly hot. In order to tackle this situation hundreds of pits admeasuring 3 cubic feet have been dug into the hard laterite for enabling tree plantation. These pits have been scientifically prepared using fertile soil, cow dung, earthworms and biodegradable waste to ensure healthy growth of the various saplings like mango, coconut, Eugenia jambolana (jamun),almond,jackfruit,plantain, papaya and many more saplings that have been planted in these pits.

All saplings are well protected from the cows with fences .In the years to come when these trees are fully grown and the summer temperatures are lowered, the Surabhivana promises to be a veritable heaven.

Landscape Irrigation

A systemized and well engineered drip irrigation system with advanced pumps and timers are being installed which will prevent water wastage and ensure optimum utilization of the limited water supply.

This irrigation system involving drips and sprinklers is extremey important for the flaura because of the harsh sun and dry topography due to located on the hill top.

Gobar gas Plant and Gobar gas Power Generator

Surabhivana has been equipped with a full-fledged bio gas plant and bio generator to produce eco friendly bio gas and electricity.